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Today Baidu Phoenix nest system instead of the full commissioning PPC

  the early hours of December 1 messages, scheduled for full operation today Baidu search marketing Professional Edition (the Phoenix nest). When Phoenix nest will take over all of Baidu promotion place in its entirety, but the original classic version of search marketing (PPC) will leave the stage of history.
with Baidu PPC network marketing is the most important source of income, Baidu's gross operating revenue to 1.2787 billion yuan in the third quarter of this year, including income from network marketing 1.2782 billion yuan, the proportion is close to 100%. But in Baidu PPC income generation at the same time, also have a negative impact.
the end of 2008, Baidu CEO Robin Li to the outside world for the first time, Phoenix nest will launch a professional search marketing system, to solve the problem of General search and PPC search results confuses. Baidu's third-quarter earnings this year, Li officially announced on December 1 total Xiang Fengchao system switch.
Baidu commercial products major update
in original bidding ranking of mechanism Xia, Baidu will General of search results and bidding ranking of search results arranged in with, only in related search results of right Xia angle to "promotion" II Word standard out; addition in a search results page Shang up may appeared 10 article bidding ranking content, and arranged in most above, easy caused user using of inconvenience.
after you enable the Phoenix nest, Baidu search advertising into the left of the page top, left, bottom, right side of three parts, one of the biggest changes is the left and forms of advertising.
in the new Phoenix nest system, Baidu in the General search results at the top and the bottom opened up two advertising regions, respectively, to a darker background, and in the upper right corner labeled "sponsored links" markings, significantly with the General search results content segments, and each regional promotion links normally does not exceed three.
However, if the dissemination of information and the user's search results match very, Baidu will still use the original PPC "promotional" mode. If not up to standard, it will show in a new manner.
in addition to external manifestation, and PPC Phoenix nest also have changed markedly in structure. Baidu said after bidding structure for "promotional platform-keywords-keywords a ... ... N-a single creative ", and in the Phoenix nest system that structures into" marketing platform-promotion-promotion cell-keyword creativity ".
the above changes, Shen 晧yu, Vice President of business operations that Baidu Phoenix nest for different product lines, different promotional campaigns, different geographical markets, create different promotion goals fine management mode. "Baidu Phoenix nest is a major commercial product updates" haoyu Shen said.


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