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CCTV: individuals cannot apply for registration today CN domain name

  from today will not be able to register in their personal capacity. "CN domain name", according to the China Internet regulatory bodies--the China Internet network information center has just released the notice provisions, apply to the online domain name registration domain name registration authority at the same time, shall submit a written application to legal capacity as material.
China Internet network information center requires the user to when applying for a domain name, you must provide written materials including: stamped application form for domain name registration, business license and organization code certificate, registered contact, identification. This means that no enterprise business license and organization code certificate, will not be able to apply for. CN domain name. Previously, users submit information on-line, you can complete the domain name application. Register with enterprises as the main body, the main purpose is to combat yellow sites involved, increasing their cost.
it is understood that China has 13 million. "CN" registered users, CNNIC required domain name registration service, carefully review user-supplied written materials. After a successful audit and submitted to the data center by fax or e-mail, and keep a written application materials.
If the user is online within 5th date of submission of application for domain name registration, not information on receipt of a written request by the China Internet network information center, or domain data does not meet the criteria, the domain name will be cancelled.


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