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Early station optimization should pay attention to what matters

  's website and do the same, only the roots tie solid, things will only be good for local development, so website initial for a website is extremely important. Then we will come together to discuss the early establishment of the station optimization should pay attention to what matters.
k, to select a long tail words long tail words in the label not too much, about appropriate in practice, of course, is small, but at election time, we must be favorably used, pay attention to the quality of long tail Word is crucial, it is extremely important for website keywords ranking.
ER, use a variety of ways to optimize the long tail words
we need to suitably increase the vocabulary according to the Web site. On single of long tail word words, search volume certainly is unlikely to, even can said is tiny to described, but on groups for, long tail word of number is is huge of, in practice in the showed that, if reuse long tail Word, in range and number Shang do can to website more brings 10% of flow, and this flow most specific of features, is will to website brings more of customer.
three, and can using Baidu know, and Baidu Word recommended, and Baidu Wikipedia, and Baidu search, to do for reference
we can through Baidu himself of products to get long tail Word, and also through these to to hot word to touches, as in Qian, and in the, and Hou plus some fan words to get long tail Word, and also can reference online popular of vocabulary or reference some long tail Word do have good of website, himself be change to became himself of long tail Word. So, to my mind the wings to fly, to pay attention to the following aspects with a long tail words.

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