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What is keyword stuffing form

  keyword optimization is the most taboo piling up keywords, but a lot of novice novice, inadvertently caused the keyword stuffing. Next Web site design company in Beijing to explain you what is keyword stuffing.
1, is very prone to keyword stuffing in the title, general article title would not be longer than 50 characters, if the article title is too long is likely to affect a user's normal reading, which is keyword stuffing, in the titles of dozens of little words, appear the same keywords. Want to avoid keyword stuffing is also simple, and not more than three times the number of keywords in the title of the article is appropriate.
2, article content is stuffing keywords where most flooded, while the practice of piling up keywords in the article, would be good to improve keyword density, but the readability of the article, there is no. So that search engine spiders can easily identify the articles is good or bad, if the spider to identify this article is junk in order to optimize, search engines will punish without mercy on your website.
3, we can hide keywords, search engine watch, but is invisible to users. This effect in first of heimaoSEO often with to of way, through makes keywords of font size, and color, page background color consistent, or put font adjustment to very small, browse user in website of front-end is see not to of, but search engine spider is can see of, this cheat means, in not effect user experience and overall appearance of situation Xia, through technology means to increased keywords of density, although technique superb, but it also is belongs to cheat of a, is easy was search engine punishment.

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