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How Baidu weight calculation

  It is well known that want to know Baidu weight on your Web site using webmaster tools out will know. However, many people do not know how Baidu weight is calculated. Here we work together to understand how Baidu weight calculations.
1, Web sites, the content of the article and topic relevance of the site, even if your Web site is a news, note also that the relevance of the Web site, all the title of the article is to highlight the site's theme.
2, keyword would be large and weight of a city is related to the Web site keyword ranking, keyword ranking of fierce competition, we can go to try from the long tail to increase the weight of the website, on the way to master keyword.
3, we need to know the current so-called Baidu weight webmaster tools to calculate what to crawl content.
the above content is for reference only, because Baidu weight algorithm may change at any time.

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