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Note to write title tag which factors

  Web page title tags are vital for optimizing Web pages. So, how are we going to write title tag? Below by website design company in Beijing to introduce, write title tag should pay attention to what factors.
1, title tag to be attractive to the user. If there are users in the search engine, search our pages, the page title is from the title tag. Heading is good, it will directly affect whether the user clicks on your Web site. If your title is keyword stuffing, even if your ranking, there will not be a user to click on your site.
2, the title of the page should have its own characteristics. There are now many websites make a stupid mistake, is the title of all pages is the same. This may be the site production staff when you are designing the page directly copying the whole template, so the HTML file header information is replicated in the past, but had not been changed.
each page belongs to a Web site, but not every page will is one thing, so we should be based on the content of the page to change page titles and tags.
3, in General, the search engine will only climb the part number in the title tag, such as the top 20 words. So long, full of keywords, Title Tag can make your website look more like volley. There are a lot of people think that keywords should as far as possible in the front of the title tag, in fact with the improved search engine ranking technology, order of the keyword exists is irrelevant, as long as the title tag is too long on the line.
4, where conditions permit, case, it is best to have your site name in the title tag or brand, certainly compared to keywords, which should be put on the backburner.

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