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Three elements of a page have any effect on ranking

  I would like to have a lot of friends are not very understanding of what are the three factors affecting page rank? Author to introduce the following: three elements of website is "space, domain names, and procedures".
1, buying space to pay attention to?
space to consult before buying, try to buy those very good reputation in the space business space. According to their possible future need and demand for space option. Support some features, such as independent IP, supports URl rewriting, etc.
2, registered names should pay attention to?
to consider before registering website domain name domain names prices are reasonable, service provider, credibility is reliable. Establishment of the station but also takes into account keywords are in English or Chinese to choose the domain name contains keywords.
3, you are familiar with the open source program? Overall, how?
I believe everyone contacted dedecms, if you are not contacted by another program. Only contact dedecms, Spring Festival, the operation friendlier, but is thought to help document do not good enough because the operation friendlier, but then don't know should be amended in order to make a website. From the perspective of a very new newbie, in completely do not know how to modify the deeper things were very confused.

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