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Opening of second-level domain name should pay attention to what matters

  We all know open second level domain to enhance keyword ranking and site weights are a great help. But many webmasters in building a second-level domain names often ignore something so difficult to make your own website optimization, or even make the site of the secondary site is k. Next site construction company in Beijing to introduce open second level domain should pay attention to what matters.
, do not blindly opened the secondary directory
-master included, low weight or a new station opened the secondary directory will only achieve the opposite, in fact, for the simple reason, setting up a secondary directory distributed master station, the weight that leads to your main site rankings or key words don't do it. Simple main station to do a certain level before it can open second-level domain name.
II, and master relevant
contents of the second-level domain name and the main difference, if the content is too similar to it will cause search engines to sites unfriendly, even down the right by search engines. We offer second-level domain name is designed to master the contents of be well extended, thereby enhancing the user's experience, this is where setting up second-level domain name can improve website weight the most important reason.
San、erji site URL in absolute orientation
in fact, this is very easy to understand, the URL to be opened after the secondary site is a keyword targeted. Sweeper of the primary keywords are keywords, secondary directory does is Futian road Sweeper, Sweeper truck prices and so on, so we stood outside and standing within the description text of the article will have to pay attention to road Sweeper description text and the main station road car prices plus list of secondary addresses. So that you can avoid confusion make search engines better focused keyword weight.

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