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Web site design to how to choose the color

  select the suitable color for website design is very important, many people in when using color, or the color is too bright, people feel particularly fancy. Either color is too simple, too boring to the people. Site construction company in Beijing to introduce the following Web design how to use it.
1, black and white are always popular topics, makes perfect. Color

2, page-blue-sky, quiet clean color.
Green--Green-and-white, elegant and lively.
dark red – serious, heavy, noble, and need to suppress excitement with black and grey-red.
taboo pure – bright colors solid color stimulus too strong protest of people, the lack of meaning.
bogey jump-and look at the color, cannot be separated from the whole. Divorced from the masses is look bad!
avoid dirty-background contrast with the text content is not strong, dark background frustrating!
cream powder-light color is clean, but if the contrast is too weak, feeble, as hopeless as a sick man.
Green cream yellow, blue cream pure red brilliant bogey.
4, several fixed with
black-dark-dark red tone. Black or grey background, dark red title bar text background is light gray.
blue-orange-white-blue tone. White background, blue title bars, orange button or ICON to do an ornament.
Orange, white and red--orange tone. White, Orange title bar, dark red or red-orange button or ICON to do an ornament.

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