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New method of maintaining a Web site

  novices in the maintenance of the site while often make mistakes, which is likely to lead to slower writing income, in serious cases, will reduce the weight of the website. Then I will introduce beginners to maintain your site.
1, novice beginner to understand search engine habits. Article keywords and articles that appear relevant, such an approach would increase search engine friendliness of the website. However, when we add a keyword, do not stack, search engines will consider your site in cheating, thus to punish websites, generally about a hundreds of words of the article plus 3 keywords can.
2, appropriate articles within the chain. Within the chain are connected to each other inside the station, although only inbound links, but also to stress is the relevance, only the content related to the article, will attract the "spiders" to crawl, relevant links, reserve time on the website can also attract the reader, thereby enhancing the user's experience.
3, to adhere to the original articles updated daily. I believe that all the site optimization staff heard the topic, in fact we can have three ways to think about the role of the original. First, from a website point of view, the original content is very search engine friendly, not only income, but also can improve website rankings. Second, from the perspective of the user. Many Internet users now see similar articles, if we don't like articles and other Web sites, it will increase the viscosity of the user. Third, on optimizing personnel. Authors will write original articles to browse more information, which the author is also a capacity increase.
4, website 404 page, avoiding a dead link. 404 error page is a user input error when connecting will return pages. When the "spider" when climbing to the dead links, unable to continue the search, will be reduced "spider" friendliness to your site, and too many dead links, and also reduce the weight of the website. If a user clicks on your website is experiencing a dead links, would also reduce the interest of users of the site. Building a good 404 page, not only for Web site optimization, will also enhance the site's authority and expertise, thereby enhancing the user's experience.

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